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To Be Roma in Hungary, and Survive
To Be Roma in Hungary, and Survive

Where reckless rhetoric meets ruinous reality on the national political scene

21/11/2012 | by Polish Institute of International Affairs | Hungary, Government and Society

The conservative Orbán government competes with the right-radical Jobbik party for voters, while also trying to toe the line it's drawn on integration of and protection for Hungary's Roma minority. Such an impossible course may prove disastrous on all fronts.

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Nixon to China, Dacic to Brussels?
Nixon to China, Dacic to Brussels?

Overcoming Reticence Toward Kosovo Essential for Serbian Entry into EU

02/11/2012 | by Elizabeth Pond | Serbia, Enlargement Process

A joint EU-US diplomatic visit to Serbia hints that the West sees new Serbian premier Ivica Dacic and his Deputy Aleksandar Vucic as precisely the ones who could persuade their followers, thirteen years after the Kosovo War and four years after Kosovo's secession, to drop 19th-century territorial grievances and move on to a 21st century inside the European Union.


Redistributive Asylum in Europe?
How an EU-level asylum mechanism could ease pressure at European borders
04/10/2012 | by Polish Institute of International Affairs
The European Parliament is pushing for a formula to redistribute asylum seekers across EU countries. Most member states instead favor harmonizing their laws to preserve more national sovereignty. But a mechanism at the European level could yield far more efficient results.
Category Migration, Government and Society, Central Europe, South-East Europe, Southern Europe, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Europe
Is The EU The Next Romania?
The EU needs to become more flexible to promote good governance in laggards
10/08/2012 | by Roderick Parkes
The EU's overly legal and regulation-heavy approach may put it at a disadvantage when dealing with Romania, a country with a traditionally sleazy and corrupt political culture. Ironically, in order to promote good governance in Romania, the EU may need to break a few of its own rules.
Category European Union, Enlargement Process, Romania, South-East Europe, Europe
The Tribulations of Citizenship
Eastern and Western Europe go different ways on this key issue
01/07/2010 | by Belinda Cooper
Category European Union, German Foreign Policy, Europe, Germany, Central Europe, Balkans, South-East Europe
More Like a Molecule than an Atom
Javier Solana talks to IP
01/08/2005 | by Javier Solana
The EU's "foreign minister" talks with IP about Kosovo, Iran - and the French referendum
Category Security, Western Asia, South-East Europe, Europe
Romania's Priorities in Foreign Policy
Bucharest looks at EU membership, close US ties - and the developing Black Sea region.
Category Enlargement Process, European Union, South-East Europe
Endgame in the Balkans
Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, and even Kosovo are now moving
01/02/2005 | by Borut Grgic
After five years in legal limbo, Kosovo is now set to get its “final status” clarified, in talks that will start in a few weeks. The interlocutors will be the Kosovar Albanians, the Serbian government, and internationals led by former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari. Simultaneously, Croatia is starting negotiations about EU membership, and Serbia and Bosnia are starting talks with the EU on Stabilization and Association Agreements.
Category Humanitarian Intervention, Conflicts and Strategies, Security, Resources and Energy, Kosovo, South-East Europe
Dayton at Ten: A View from Washington
In solving global problems, US leadership is indispensable
01/02/2005 | by Derek Chollet
Dayton was a “maximalist” agreement; it created a bold blueprint for a new state. Yet many areas of Dayton’s implementation have suffered from “minimalism,” whether because of the limits placed on the instruments the agreement created for implementation, or because those responsible for implementation have interpreted their powers narrowly.
Category Peace-Keeping, Conflicts and Strategies, Security, Balkans, South-East Europe
Standards and Status
Violence against minorities a year ago scared everyone
01/01/2005 | by Marie-Janine Calic
Talks on the final legal status of Kosovo are due to start this summer. So far Pristina and Belgrade remain at loggerheads, and the international community is only beginning to formulate some ideas of how to square the circle of Serb refusal to give up its erstwhile province and Kosovar Albanian insistence on nothing less than full independence. The internationals have now ruled out any return to Serb rule, however.
Category State Building, Government and Society, Kosovo, South-East Europe, Europe