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US Elections and Foreign Policy
US Elections and Foreign Policy

Whoever wins, tough times for the Europeans

05/11/2012 | by Henning Riecke | United States of America, Germany - USA

While Germans overwhelmingly support Obama, the race in a divided America is much closer. Despite being strongly in President Obama's camp, Europeans will find that a Romney presidency would not be much different.

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Nixon to China, Dacic to Brussels?
Nixon to China, Dacic to Brussels?

Overcoming Reticence Toward Kosovo Essential for Serbian Entry into EU

02/11/2012 | by Elizabeth Pond | Serbia, Enlargement Process

A joint EU-US diplomatic visit to Serbia hints that the West sees new Serbian premier Ivica Dacic and his Deputy Aleksandar Vucic as precisely the ones who could persuade their followers, thirteen years after the Kosovo War and four years after Kosovo's secession, to drop 19th-century territorial grievances and move on to a 21st century inside the European Union.


America or Asia?
How an old hegemon can cooperate with the new super power China
31/10/2011 | by Maximilian Terhalle
How steady is the “liberal leviathan” United States? Will the “American world order” persist? And what distinguishes power and hegemony in the 21st century? Despite Asia’s continuing rise, three notable authors are certain that America will remain the essential world power.
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Fallout from the Iraq War
The second casualty of war is the realization of wish lists
01/01/2005 | by Stanley Hoffmann
It’s still too early to see the end result of the war in Iraq itself, in the broader Middle East, or in the United States. But already we can see that a war waged to combat terrorism, stop WMD proliferation, and protect America has instead set up a prime recruiting ground for new jihadists, upset the international order that benefited the US, and tempted Washington into self-defeating unilateralism and illiberalism.
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