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Nixon to China, Dacic to Brussels?
Nixon to China, Dacic to Brussels?

Overcoming Reticence Toward Kosovo Essential for Serbian Entry into EU

02/11/2012 | by Elizabeth Pond | Serbia, Enlargement Process

A joint EU-US diplomatic visit to Serbia hints that the West sees new Serbian premier Ivica Dacic and his Deputy Aleksandar Vucic as precisely the ones who could persuade their followers, thirteen years after the Kosovo War and four years after Kosovo's secession, to drop 19th-century territorial grievances and move on to a 21st century inside the European Union.

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The Tribulations of Citizenship

Eastern and Western Europe go different ways on this key issue

01/07/2010 | by Belinda Cooper | Central Europe, German Foreign Policy


Dayton at Ten: A View from Washington
In solving global problems, US leadership is indispensable
01/02/2005 | by Derek Chollet
Dayton was a “maximalist” agreement; it created a bold blueprint for a new state. Yet many areas of Dayton’s implementation have suffered from “minimalism,” whether because of the limits placed on the instruments the agreement created for implementation, or because those responsible for implementation have interpreted their powers narrowly.
Category Peace-Keeping, Conflicts and Strategies, Security, Balkans, South-East Europe