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Czech Views on European Security
01/08/2004 | by Jan Winkler, Jaroslav Kurfürst
The Czechs too have written a new security strategy—and demonstrated that their, Europe’s, and America’s strategic statements are parallel and compatible. “Old” and “new” Europe should not fall into the contrary assumption that their approaches must clash.
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The Israeli Image of European Antisemitism
01/08/2004 | by Avi Primor
Many Israelis avoid traveling to Europe out of fear of antisemitism there, just as many Europeans avoid visiting Israel out of fear of terrorist bombs. Yes, there is antisemitism in Europe, but there is also a certain Israeli magnification, sometimes ingenuously, sometimes intentionally, of European hostility to Jews.
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Belarus Mocks Europe
01/05/2004 | by Hans-Georg Wieck
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The EU’s Security Strategy
01/05/2004 | by Fraser Cameron
The taboo word “preemption” does not appear once in “A Secure Europe in a Better World,” in deference to the sensibilities of Germany and the four “post-neutral” members of the European Union. But the EU’s first-ever common strategy statement, approved by Union leaders last December, still adds sticks to the carrots that are the hallmark of Europe’s global diplomacy.
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For a European Defense Avante Garde
01/05/2004 | by Walther Stützle
After the damage wreaked on the Euro-Atlantic alliance by the Iraq war, it is imperative that the avant garde of integrated European defense proposed by Germany, France, and friends a year ago go forward. Here are the reasons.
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The Cyprus Phoenix
01/05/2004 | by Philippos Savvides
The phoenix is once again rising out of the ashes of the failed Cyprus talks. A year after Turkish and Greek Cypriot negotiators walked out on the draft United Nations plan for reuniting the divided island, the leaders of the two communities have resumed their contacts on the basis of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan’s comprehensive proposal of a loose federation.
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