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Assistance or Alibi?
Assistance or Alibi?

Strengthening regional players in Africa

18/10/2012 | by Henning Riecke | Mali, CSDP

The European Union has decided to support the new Malian government in reclaiming sovereign control over the northern parts of Mali. The EU will create a small training mission for Bamako to help it better cope with the Islamist occupation of this territory, which makes up the greater part of the country.

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The Time To Act Has Come
The Time To Act Has Come

The impetus for European security policy

18/09/2012 | by Andreas Schockenhoff, Roderich Kiesewetter | Germany, CFSP/CSDP

The debt crisis and efforts to save the euro are overshadowing necessary reforms to Europe’s energy policy and the further expansion of the Common Foreign and Security Policy. However, the EU’s credibility in terms of its ability to take effective action depends on the coherent coordination of monetary, energy, and security policy issues.


The Idiot Savant
A truly international personality requires the EU to make some fixes
24/07/2012 | by Roderick Parkes
The European External Action Service lacks a true international personality to match those of most EU member states. The fault does not lie with the Service, but rather in design flaws dating back to the Lisbon Treaty in which the EEAS was first established. It is these flaws that help member states ensure the Service cannot override their own national interests.
Category European Union, CFSP/CSDP, Western Europe, Europe
Security is Political
The CSDP is a matter for Europe, not NATO
11/07/2012 | by Hans-Dieter Heumann
IP recently published recommendations on how Germany can revitalize the EU’s Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP). Among other things, the authors called for a “NATO First policy.” But is that the right message? Certainly not, as common defense is an issue that concerns further European integration.
Category CFSP/CSDP, Europe
Czech Views on European Security
01/08/2004 | by Jan Winkler, Jaroslav Kurfürst
The Czechs too have written a new security strategy—and demonstrated that their, Europe’s, and America’s strategic statements are parallel and compatible. “Old” and “new” Europe should not fall into the contrary assumption that their approaches must clash.
Category European Union, CFSP, CFSP/CSDP, Geographical areas of Europe, Czech Republic
The EU’s Security Strategy
01/05/2004 | by Fraser Cameron
The taboo word “preemption” does not appear once in “A Secure Europe in a Better World,” in deference to the sensibilities of Germany and the four “post-neutral” members of the European Union. But the EU’s first-ever common strategy statement, approved by Union leaders last December, still adds sticks to the carrots that are the hallmark of Europe’s global diplomacy.
Category CFSP, European Union, CFSP/CSDP, Europe
For a European Defense Avante Garde
01/05/2004 | by Walther Stützle
After the damage wreaked on the Euro-Atlantic alliance by the Iraq war, it is imperative that the avant garde of integrated European defense proposed by Germany, France, and friends a year ago go forward. Here are the reasons.
Category CFSP, European Union, CFSP/CSDP
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