Divided in Diversity
Divided in Diversity

Overcoming Europe’s Incoherence in National Approaches to Civilian CSDP

by Carina Böttcher, Marie Wolf

Despite 15 years of mission practice, EU member states are often reluctant to commit considerable resources to civilian CSDP. One reason for this is the fact that EU member states diverge considerably on the role and strategic relevance they attribute to civilian crisis management in general, and civilian CSDP specifically. This divergence hampers a common understanding on the future direction of civilian CSDP, which is direly needed to strengthen it through the Civilian CSDP Compact.

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Making America Great Again versus Made in China
Making America Great Again versus Made in China

The US Geo-Economic Rivalry with China

by Claudia Schmucker, Stormy-Annika Mildner | Trade

The trade conflict between the United States and China is a severe threat to the world economy. While the debate over the effectiveness of tariffs is at a steady boil in the United States, the EU is opposed to tariffs as a means for dealing with China. Although serious issues with China must be addressed – such as dumping and subsidization – tariffs will make the United States neither more competitive nor secure.

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