Julie Hamann

Program Officer, Franco-German Relations Program

Areas of Expertise

  • Franco-German relations
  • German and French foreign policy
  • Social movements and labor unions in France


French, English


Phone: +49 (0)30 25 42 31-97
Email: hamann@dgap.org

Julie Hamann became a program officer in the Franco-German relations program in February 2015, after joining the team as a program assistant in September 2012. Her areas of focus are Franco-German relations generally, German and French foreign policy, and labor unions and social movements in France. She manages the Franco-German Future Dialogue. She studied political science and sociology at the Technische Universität Dresden and at the Institut d’Études Politiques in Lyon, and earned her MA in political science and international security from the Institut d’Études Politiques in Paris and the Freie Universität Berlin.


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Selected Publications

Shaking Up the 2019 European Election
Macron, Salvini, Orbán, and the Fate of the European Party System
by Julie Hamann, Milan Nič, Jana Puglierin
DGAPanalysis 1 (February 2019), 11 pp.
Shaking Up the 2019 European Election
More fragmented than ever, Europe is at a crossroads, making the 2019 European Parliament election an immensely political event. Stakes are high for Emmanuel Macron, Matteo Salvini and Viktor Orbán, all of whom could shake up the balance of power in the EP. Macron has lost much of his initial vigor, and the disruptive potential of Salvini and Orbán is significant. If played well, their combined power could send shock waves across all European institutions.
Category: Elections
Straddling between Optimism and Mistrust
France’s Youth Doubts Reform Successes
by Julie Hamann, Sara Jakob
DGAPanalysis 7 (November 2018), 11 pp.
Straddling between Optimism and Mistrust
For many young people in France, President Macron’s reforms failed to alleviate their social anxieties. Unemployment remains high, employment conditions precarious, and what started as a protest against new fuel taxes quickly spilled over to other reform areas including social policy. Macron will need to gain the youngsters’ trust ahead of the European Parliament election – not least because its outcome will decisively shape his domestic credibility, and consequently, his political fate.
Category: Reform, France
Macron’s Election May Be Good News for Europe
but France’s Euroscepticism has not yet been put to rest
by Claire Demesmay, Julie Hamann
Published by International Politics and Society, May 8, 2017
Macron’s Election May Be Good News for Europe
It is no secret that Emmanuel Macron expects a great deal from cooperation with Berlin. His election is good news not only for France but also for Germany and German-French cooperation. But his clear commitment does not automatically mean France will now partner with Germany to once again become the force driving the EU.
Germany and the EU: The New Disenchantment
Germany's new focus on rule-based leadership in the EU
by Julie Hamann, Julian Rappold
"EU Forum" blog, Clingendael, Netherlands Institute of International Relations, June 22, 2016
European integration has defined Germany's post-war politics. Now, with waning enthusiasm for the EU but continued overlap between German and European interests, Germany is focusing on a EU rule- based leadership. Julie Hamann and Julian Rappold contributed this blog to Clingendael, Netherlands Institute of International Relations
Category: European Union, Western Europe