Kristian Brakel

Associate Fellow, Middle East and North Africa Program

Areas of Expertise

  • Israel/Palestine
  • Turkey and the Kurdish question
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Youth in the Arab world, Israel and Turkey
  • Democratization


English, Arabic, Turkish



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Kristian Brakel graduated with an MA in Middle Eastern studies from the University of Hamburg and has spent substantial time in Egypt, Israel/OPT, Jordan, Syria, and Turkey. After his studies he completed the trainee program in development studies at the SLE Berlin (Center for Rural Development) and started working as an officer for political cooperation for the German Federal Foreign Office in the OPT. Brakel has held posts as a senior political analyst on the Middle East and North Africa, both with the international non-governmental organization Crisis Action in Germany as well as with the United Nation’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the United Arab Emirates. He has headed the office of the European Union’s special representative in Sudan and served as political adviser to the EU special representative for the Middle East Peace Process.


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Selected Publications

The Resurfacing Turkish-Kurdish Question and its Regional Impact
The Turkish time machine
by Kristian Brakel
DGAPkompakt 12 (April 2016), 6 pp.
The Resurfacing Turkish-Kurdish Question and its Regional Impact
The bomb that went off in downtown Ankara on March 13, killing 37 people, was a stark reminder that war has returned to Turkey. The second such attack within one month, it clearly shows that the conflict has the capacity to engulf all of Turkey. With the peace process in a shambles and the violent spillover from Syria intensifying, the resurgence of the Turkish-Kurdish conflict almost makes it seem as if the country has traveled back in time to the height of the civil war in the 1990s.
Category: War/Warfare, Turkey, Syria, Kurdistan, Near and Middle East/North Africa
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