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Playing With Fire
German foreign policy and Iran’s nuclear weapons program
by Joachim Krause
Playing With Fire
Contrary to what many in Germany think, the United States does not seek to overthrow the regime in Iran. Instead, the US and its allies will seek tougher sanctions and limited military actions to further weaken the government in Teheran. German policy should get behind this international effort and realize that Iran is the problem, not the United States.
Category: Security, Arms Control and WMD, Iran, Western Asia, Near and Middle East/North Africa
How Dangerous are Arms Races?
Missile defense could help avert a dangerous arms race and deter investment in weapons of mass destruction
by Joachim Krause
Scaremongering about the United States’ possible deployment of missile defense systems in Central Europe is misplaced. Countering the threats of states such as Iran and North Korea through missile defense is likely to be the more successful strategy. Russian fears should not obscure this; armament does not equal war.
Category: Arms Control and WMD, Security, Worldwide
The New Nuclear Threats
Making Sense of the Proliferation Debate
by Joachim Krause
A new and current framework for the global nuclear order Nuclear non-proliferation and world order are closely interconnected. For decades, argues Joachim Krause, both have been constituted first and foremost by the United States through its multilateral and unilateral policies.
Category: Arms Control and WMD, Security, Worldwide
Searching for a Grand Strategy
A scorecard on seven turbulent years of red-green foreign policy
by Joachim Krause
As the outgoing Social Democratic-Green government hands the reins over to the conservative-Social Democratic “grand” coalition, it’s time to assess red-green foreign policy over the last seven years. The good news is Germany’s participation today in international intervention. The bad news is a lingering desire to cock a snook at the United States.
Category: German Foreign Policy, Germany - USA, Transatlantic Relations, Germany
Islamist Totalitarianism
by Joachim Krause
With the train bombings in Madrid last March, fundamentalist Islamic terrorism arrived in Europe. Before more than 200 commuters were killed there, most Europeans had regarded the threat of al Qaeda as a specifically American problem, a private war waged by a strange Saudi Arabian billionaire against the world’s superpower. The Europeans and especially the Germans were either in denial about the threat or failed to take it seriously.
Category: Security, Terrorism, Religion, Government and Society, Islamic world

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