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Enhancing European Security
Germany’s options for revitalizing the Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP)
by Patrick Keller, Almut Möller, Svenja Sinjen, Johannes Varwick
Enhancing European Security
Currently preoccupied with its ongoing debt crisis, the European Union is paying little attention to its regional security policy. In the future, however, Europe will inevitably have to take an increased share of the responsibility for its own security. When it comes to revitalizing the security debate, Germany needs to take the initiative. And for the German government, this is a task that begins above all at home.
Category: Organization of Military Defence, Military Capacity, Security, European Union, Germany, Central Europe, Europe
Getting to Zero
From nuclear sharing to a European deterrence strategy
by Patrick Keller, Benjamin Schreer
The new German government has pledged to remove all U.S. tactical nuclear weapons stationed in Germany. Although this is in keeping with President Obama’s aim of achieving “global zero,” a world free of nuclear weapons, it cannot impede a debate in Germany on Europe’s deterrence strategy.
Category: Arms Control and WMD, Transatlantic Relations, Security, Germany, Europe, Central Europe, United States of America, North America